Simple Sales: The profit-boosting landing page template

Life coaches! Attract dream clients & build your website foundation in minutes with Simple Sales – our profit-boosting landing page template. No design skills needed!

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Effortless Client Attraction & A Website Ready to Grow: The Simple Sales Advantage

Have you ever felt like building a high-converting landing page takes forever and requires a design degree? You’re not alone. Most life coaches struggle with limited time, design skills, and the copywriting magic touch to turn website visitors into paying clients.

That’s where Simple Sales: The Profit-Boosting Landing Page Template comes in. It’s your secret weapon to attracting ideal clients and nurturing a thriving life coaching business, even if you’re not quite ready to build a full website yet! This pre-built template uses a proven framework to capture attention, showcase your value, and effortlessly convert visitors into leads. Simply swap out the placeholders with your own story and offers – it’s that easy!

Plus, Simple Sales is built on a powerful WordPress foundation, so whenever you’re ready to expand your landing page into a full website, the groundwork is already done, saving you time and money down the line. Think of it as a future-proof investment in your coaching business!

What will you gain?

Imagine launching high-converting landing pages in minutes, not days. Simple Sales frees you from design headaches and copywriting woes, empowering you to focus on what matters most – coaching and transforming lives.

The template includes pre-written messaging specifically crafted to resonate with your ideal client, saving you countless hours and frustration.

Who is this for?

Simple Sales is perfect for both new and established life coaches, ready to launch your business and attract ideal clients, but aren’t quite ready to invest in a full website just yet.

This template provides a cost-effective way to get started capturing leads and building your client base, with a future-proof foundation that can easily be expanded into a full website whenever you’re ready.

What You'll Receive:

This comprehensive package includes everything you need to get your landing page up and running quickly:

Powerful WordPress Foundation: Built on WordPress with Elementor, the user-friendly page builder, for ultimate customisation and scalability.

This means you can easily expand your landing page into a full website whenever you’re ready, with minimal additional investment! Think of it as having a future-proof foundation already laid.

Pre-Built Conversion Framework: Leverage a tried-and-tested framework packed with content prompts to guide you in crafting a persuasive landing page that converts visitors into leads. Simply follow the prompts, personalise them with your unique story and offers, and watch your landing page come to life – fast!

Mobile-Friendly Design: Ensure your landing page looks great and functions flawlessly on any device.

Lead Capture & Conversion Machine: Seamlessly capture leads through an opt-in form and nurture them with a built-in sales funnel. Or, schedule free initial consultations directly on your landing page using Calendly (or booking app of your choice), streamlining the client journey from initial interest to paying client.

Data-Driven Growth Engine: Leverage strategic on-page SEO to get discovered by ideal clients in search engines, and track your page’s performance with Google Analytics.

Completion & Support: Receive two rounds of revisions to ensure your landing page is perfect, plus 30 days of email support and ongoing service options.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I am confident in Simple Sales and the time & energy it will save you. That’s why I’m happy to offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

So, after you get an inside look at the system & process, if it just doesn’t feel right, we can part as friends and your money will be refunded in full. No muss, no fuss!

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions are covered below but if you need further information, please send us a message.

Totally! Our coaching websites are perfect whether you’re just starting out or, if you’ve established your coaching business and are ready to level up. Either way, CoachSite Complete will give you a huge advantage by launching your new coaching website in the best way possible.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a life coach, health and wellness coach, business coach, self-care coach, leadership coach, relationship coach and everything in between… As long as you’re a coach or consultant, together we can create an amazing coaching website so you can get more clients, and build a successful business.
All the hard work to create a great coaching website has already been done and there are many elements & key features that are replicable. This means I can provide them at incredibly accessible prices, but still deliver bucketloads of value to you!

As standard, the following 14 page designs are included: 

All Primary pages: Home, about, work with me (services), blog archives + *single post design and contact page.

Simple Sales: To be used as a landing/sales page

Thank You: Users are taken to this page after completing the contact form

Lead Magnet Download: Users are taken to this page after completing the newsletter opt-in to get your free resource

Admin Pages: 404 (shown if a user enters an incorrect url to redirect them), coming soon (to generate interest while you’re site is being created) and Under Maintenance (For use when the site is undergoing routine maintenance)

Legal Pages: Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

*Blog posts – If this is a website redevelopment, all the posts from your current site will be copied over. Otherwise, for new sites, up to 3 initial posts will be uploaded.

If you need more pages: Just as your coaching business is unique, I completely appreciate that your website needs to be also. The above pages form the foundations needed for almost all professional coaching websites. If you need more though, they can be added. Keep in mind, if you want to save some $$, you can use the pages already provided as templates to add more content yourself!

Yes, of course! You have full control over the content (images, text, colours etc) of your website so you can update, tweak and edit as much as you need. If you’re new to WordPress there will of course be a learning curve, but rest easy…

Elementor is used as the website builder on my sites. It is user-friendly, there is a wealth of online documentation to help you and its performance is top notch!

Plus, if you still get stuck, I offer a range of website support services (including website training!) to help you.

No. I personally prefer that these services are registered and managed by you rather than me. In the long term, this is much safer and financially beneficial to you. I will of course provide you with full instructions on how to set everything up and will help you every step of the way.

If within 7 days of purchase, you decide your website package was not the right decision, simply contact me letting me know you’d like a refund, it’s really that easy. See our T&Cs for full details.

I choose to use WordPress for several reasons, but mainly for its versatility. You can build any kind of website with it, customise it as much as you want, add as much functionality as you need, and you’ll never outgrow it. There’s a reason that it powers 43% of websites across the globe.

Upon website completion, your website will be launched regardless of where you’re at in your payment plan. During this time, the site will be fully functional and accessible to you to update within an editor role.

While the payment plan is still in progress, Life Coach Freedom will retain admin access and ownership of the site. You will have an “editor” role, so updates beyond your role (settings, plugin removals etc.) will therefore be billable and handled by Life Coach Freedom.

Once your payment plan is completed and the website is fully paid for, you will immediately have unrestricted access and retain full ownership of the site.

It’s incredibly difficult to come up with the written copy for your coaching website with nothing but a blank canvas to start with. Or, for those with content already, to know how to optimise it for conversions. This can often be a source of stress, and frustration, and leads to really slowing down the website building process… We want to avoid that!

That is why one of the bonuses included in your package is – Copy That Converts: The ultimate website content guide. I have invested hours of work & research into this product to develop a step-by-step system that makes this process as seamless as possible.

I limit the number of clients I take on to ensure prompt turn-around times, which are usually within 30 days or less once all content for the site is provided. This timeframe also depends on you though and on how prompt you are in doing your end of the work and supplying what is needed. I have a super tight process though that helps guide you every step of the way.

It’s true, you won’t be the only one with access to my website templates, BUT, being fully customisable with your own content, colours, fonts and images allows me to transform them into something distinctive each time.

Think of the templates as the foundation your site is built on, with the majority of the ground work already done so development is quicker (and therefore more cost effective!), but you can still add your unique personality and branding.

The images included are merely stock photos to give you an idea of what your site will look like. It is always best to use as many of your own images as possible but if some stock images are still needed, I can assist with this also. 

Modern websites have evolved from the set & forget philosophy and ongoing maintenance is needed for optimal performance. Once the website has been published, 30 days of ongoing support is provided. After that, you are welcome to take advantage of our maintenance plans. Otherwise, the responsibility for ongoing maintenance and updates falls to you.

Ready to ditch the design struggle and attract dream clients with ease?

Simple Sales: The Profit-Boosting Landing Page Template empowers you to build a high-converting landing page in record time, so you can focus on delivering exceptional results for your clients and scaling your business to new heights.

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