1-on-1 Website Training

Website training catered to your specific needs to save you time & money and give you the skills needed to manage your coaching website with confidence.

Benefits of this service:

  • No more procrastinating or scouring the internet for answers
  • Learn to perform tasks yourself without outsourcing
  • Have the time & money to invest in other areas of your business




1-on-1 online website training for YOUR specific needs

Save time and money with personalised website training tailored to your needs. Instead of scouring the internet, my sessions provide you with specific skills to confidently manage your coaching website, empowering you to focus on growing your business.

With the ability to handle tasks independently, you’ll see long-term savings quickly surpassing your initial investment, as hourly rates for website developers can add up quickly. Maximize your value and efficiency with training that pays for itself in just a few hours of work.

Just one session will allow to:

build a coaching website

How the website training sessions are run

While complex tasks may still require the expertise of a developer, investing in your own education for day-to-day website tasks is a practical and cost-effective choice. 

Online Video Call

Sessions are conducted via Google Meet and are recorded so you can refer back to it if needed.

Live Demo

I share my screen so you can actually watch as I perform the tasks live on your website and walk you through it step by step.


Attend via the comfort of your own home or office. I have a number of time slots available to suit your needs.


It’s a two-way conversation so at any time you can ask as many questions as you need.

What is covered:

What is not covered:

How much time is needed?

Bookings are made in 60-minute blocks for US$135. I don’t recommend any longer than this as it can lead to information overwhelm! You can always come back and purchase additional sessions if needed.

Ready to dive in?

Here's How it Works

Gain skills so you can handle routine responsibilities independently, saving both time and money in the long run.

Step 1. Purchase

Make payment & await next step instructions after checkout (sent via email)

Step 2: Book Your Session

Book in your session and grant me admin access to your site

Step 3: Training

We'll go through your list of topics and set you up for success!

Book a website training session today and gain the skills you need to take control of your website

Don’t let tech challenges hold you back. Empower yourself to succeed and propel your coaching business forward.

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