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A one-off website tune-up with no ongoing commitment. Just the maintenance you need to to ensure your coaching website is working hard for you.

Benefits of this service:

  • Peace of mind knowing the tech stuff is sorted
  • A smoother user experience for your site visitors improving the chances of conversions
  • No ongoing plan, a simple one-off service




One-off WordPress Maintenance to keep your site protected

Modern websites have evolved from the set & forget philosophy and ongoing maintenance is needed for optimal performance and security. It’s like a car in a way and needs regular servicing to keep everything running smoothly.

At least monthly maintenance is recommended for most websites which is why I offer ongoing plans (details here). For various reasons though, that isn’t always for everyone which is why I still provide this one-off service. That way, you don’t end up going months on end exposing your site to more risk and jeopardising performance.

If you have a simple, info-based website, this is the right package for you.

Here’s what is included:

wordpress maintenance for life coaching website
happy life coach writing website content

Benefits for your website:

Ready to dive in?

Here's How it Works

Provide a positive experience for visitors and support the growth of your online presence.

Step 1. Purchase

Make payment & await further instructions via email

Step 2: Access

Grant me admin access to your site, then leave me to do the rest

Step 3: Grab a cuppa

Sit back, relax and grab a cuppa... Your work is done!

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions for our digital products are covered below but if you need further information, please send us a message.

General Website Maintenance:

The code that creates WordPress is constantly evolving. So, regular updates and maintenance are required to resolve bug fixes, help to minimise security vulnerabilities and optimise performance. Think of it like your car – Would you never bother to get your car serviced, or leave the keys lying around for anyone to take?

Of course not! Because you would be significantly increasing your chances of a breakdown or your car being stolen. Website maintenance is similar in that it is both an optimisation and preventative service, keeping your site secure, and performing at its best.

You take out insurance to protect your car and it only costs you money… what about a website tool that is vital to your business income?!

Yes! Of course if you want to. Keep in mind though:
  • Would you be confident to perform the service?
  • Do you have the time to learn how to do it properly? and;
  • Do you think you will be able to handle any unforeseen problems?

Knowing that your site is being professionally updated & maintained is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Plus, wouldn’t you rather invest your time with your clients, your business, or… yourself!?

General Website Maintenance

24/7 uptime monitoring: I keep an eye on your site and are notified within minutes if it ever goes down. Occasionally this happens due to server issues (nothing to do with the website) and it’s often temporary. Should it last longer though due to other reasons that require attention, I will be aware and onto it ASAP to minimise downtime as much as possible.

Security & malware scanning: I check your website for any malware (software created for malicious purposes) and make sure facilities are in place to reduce vulnerabilities & help prevent issues. Should I happen to find any issues, you will be notified immediately to discuss and resolve them.

Software updates: This includes updating your WordPress core, plugins & themes when new releases become available as well as a compatibility check. Please Note – I will only update plugins that are compatible with your installed version of WordPress. I will only perform theme updates if a child theme is in place. And, as mentioned I will do a compatibility check but it is your responsibility to inform me if you notice that your website is not working properly after updates are performed. Should this occur I will restore your website to how it was before the update (no extra charge).

Database optimisation: Over time, your database (where all your site information & settings are stored) can build up a collection of unneeded data. So optimising your database means faster backups, easier restorations, and improved speed & performance. Essentially it’s like giving your website a spring clean.

Full website backup: We ensure facilities are in place to automatically back up your site at regular intervals, giving you peace of mind that your site and content are fully protected. Back-ups are stored on our remote storage so as not to take up valuable space on your server (website hosting). We store 3 sets of backups at a time. Please note: While all precautions are taken to safeguard these back-ups sets we do not guarantee their safety and therefore strongly urge all customers to download and store them periodically.

Extra database backups: The database is where all your settings and information are stored. So, for sites that have frequent activity, this provides additional protection against loss of data should your site ever need to be restored from a backup.

Sites with ? plugins or less: Generally, the more plugins, the more complex the site and the time required to perform updates. Thus this contributes to the difference in prices between plans.

Of course! If you’re looking to partner up with me to manage ongoing care for your website, you are more than welcome. Initially, some changes/updates might have to be made to the backend of your site so I can perform the service adequately, but this will be discussed with you in full.
For Maintenance Plans only:
One of the main purposes of this service is to prevent this from happening. In the unlikely event that malware is detected on your website though, I will make this a priority fix and get your website back in tip-top shape ASAP. Often I will know about the issue before you do, and if possible have it all sorted before you even notice! While I cannot 100% guarantee your website will not be hacked, I can promise to sort the mess out with the highest priority; including restoration of your site if needed.
Plans are paid for upfront and the work is performed within 1-4 business days after your subscription payment has been successfully processed. When the work is complete, I will email you a maintenance report detailing the work carried out. When necessary I will also include any notes for anything of importance.

Many of the plugins available in WordPress are free, but there are a number of premium plugins that come at a cost as they offer more functionality & features. Payments for them are generally on a recurring annual subscription.

As a WordPress developer, I often use premium plugins and therefore have my own developer licences for them. So instead of purchasing these yourself, you can simply access them through me. Depending on the setup of your site, this could potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

Note: Should you cancel your plan, the plugins will remain on your site, but you won’t be able to update them anymore unless you purchase your own licence.

For Maintenance Plans:

That’s no problem, I’m happy to help with that too. Simply submit a support ticket with details about what you need help with and we can go from there.

Any work that can be completed within 2hrs I will get onto ASAP and invoice on completion. If it will take longer than that, I will provide a quote first before any work commences. Find full details about my tech support service here.

Payment Processing: The first payment will be processed upon checkout. The following payment dates will be on the same date each month.

Failed payments: Should any payments fail (lack of funds, tech issues etc.) the subscription will re-commence from whatever date the renewal is successfully processed. Failed payments will be retried automatically 5 times over 7 days. At this point, if your payment has still failed to process unfortunately your maintenance plan will be cancelled and no further work will be performed.

Plan switching: If you upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan, you will need to check out again as you did the first time. Payment will be adjusted in the subsequent renewals.

Managing your plan: Log in to your My Account area, and within the “My Subscriptions” tab you can switch or cancel your plan. Or, feel free to contact me and I can take care of it for you.

I would hate to see you go, but I only want you to stick with the plan if you’re truly benefiting from the service. Therefore, yes. You can cancel at any time.

If you do so before your subscription renews then your subscription will cease and no further work on your website will be carried out. There are no refunds if you cancel after your subscription has already been renewed.

Managing your plan: Log in to your My Account area, and within the “My Subscriptions” tab you can switch or cancel your plan. Or, feel free to contact me and I can take care of it for you.

Keep your website protected & performing at its best

Relax knowing that your site is in capable hands, and have more time to spend on the things that are important to you.

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